Giveaways with a cause! (aka Prizes!!!)

Today is the DAY! We have been planning this for quite some time, but were looking for the right time to do it, and the perfect prizes to give away (:  We hope that you will be just as excited as you read on!

Lauren and I sat on the floor of the Dulles Airport, waiting for our last two flights to take us home after our Africa Adventure back in July…and we just talked – it was one of the highlights of the trip for me, because it was time the two of us had to unwind and talk about our trip. It was a lot to take in, it was a lot to digest. BUT we were now armed with knowledge, and we knew we couldn’t go home and just put Africa aside, it was engraved on our hearts now. So what was the next step? As we sat chatting, we built a list of our “next steps” to raise awareness, bring support to the ministries we visited and to meet the needs of the people we encountered.

Below is the beginning of just a few of the ideas we had (:

So beginning TODAY until Dec. 8, we will be doing one big, giagantic raffle to raise money for Sangaalo Baby Cottage, the funding for their new home and the babies themselves. Funds raised will also go to support a feeding program called Project 21 through Voices 4 the Voiceless which provides more nutritious meals for the kids at Canaan Children’s Home:

From Oc 8 – Dec 8 we will be holding a raffle — over the  next few weeks, we will be giving a way a series of prizes. The BIG prize we will give away on the final day!

How does it work?

For every $10 that you donate, you get your name in the raffle once. (Example: donate $50, your name goes in 5 times). If you make a donation AND subscribe to our blog, you get an extra name in the hat. If you are already a subscriber, we will automatically put your name in again once you donate (:  (see bottom of blog titled “Follow by Email” to subscribe)

How do I donate?

The easiest way to donate is through our PayPal account. Scroll to the bottom of our blog, and there will be a PayPal button. You can donate easily through this method, even without a PayPal account! (just use your credit card!) After you donate, leave a comment on this blog post to let us know!

If you would rather mail a check, please email and we will contact you directly about how to do this.

When will you give away the prizes?

We will have mini-drawings for the next several weeks leading up to December. On Dec. 8th we will draw the final BIG prize…….(This is why having your name in the hat several times is a GOOD idea – you could win several prizes!)

What are the “mini prizes”?

In no particular order…here are some things you have to look forward to:

* Kisses From Katie book (this will inspire you — if you already have it, it makes an amazing gift!)

* Handmade leather coasters (These were cut and pressed by a sweet family friend — they are beautiful!)

* Sangaalo T-Shirt (these are so cute and come in really fun colors!)

* Africa Basket (This will include so many amazing things we got in Africa — handmade basket, Ethiopian coffee, scarf, and handmade jewelry)

* Handmade jewelry (made by Lauren!! So pretty!)

* Painted Canvas (made by our sweet artist sister Alexa)

What’s the big Prize?  I HOPE YOU’RE EXCITED!

drumroll please……………………..

The NEW Kindle Fire (HD) – Image from

Just a few awesome details about this prize: 7″, 1280X800 HD Display, Front facing video camera (yay!) and 16 GB…just to name a few of the specs!

So, will YOU join in on the fun? Not only will you love these prizes, but each of them would make a great gift as well (think Christmas!)

So join with us today, and get your name in the hat 🙂


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